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After my sweet little dog became ill, I knew that I needed a really wonderful veterinarian to make things right. I started looking around for a doctor who really understood what we were up against, and I was pleased to find a provider who accepted my insurance and actively worked hard to improve her patients care. It was really incredible to feel the difference that her efforts made, and I wanted to write a blog all about the benefits of working with a great veterinarian. Check out this blog for great information that could help you to protect your pets.



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Three Things Pet Owners Should Do After Their Pet Undergoes Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is difficult for a pet. However, it can be just as difficult for a pet owner since the pet cannot talk and express its needs during recovery. If your pet is going through an orthopedic surgery procedure, the following things will keep him or her comfortable and help the recovery process go smoothly.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Just like people, pets are uncomfortable after orthopedic surgery. Your pet may not understand how to ease the pain and discomfort from surgery, so this is where you can help the most. Provide your pet with a clean, comfortable place to rest. A fluffy pet bed and a warm, snuggly blanket can do wonders to keep your pet comfy. You can also provide a stuffed animal or other stuffed toy. It's best to skip plastic toys or toys that aren't snuggly and cuddly. Your pet will want soft items that they can curl up with and rest.

Keep Your Pet Calm

After surgery, it is important to keep your pet calm to allow the incision and the surgical area to heal. Allowing your pet to run wild through the house and play with toys as usual can cause stitches to be ripped open, as well as other complications. Keep your pet calm and spend time with him talking in a low voice and petting him. 

Keep Your Pet Well-Hydrated

This is important every day, but especially important after orthopedic surgery. Your pet may not want to eat after surgery, and that's fine (just keep your vet updated). However, don't let your pet skip drinking water; dehydration can cause severe complications and have your pet back in the vet hospital for more treatment. Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh, cool (but not cold) water and that it is easily accessible. Place the water dish next to your pet's bed if possible. If your pet refuses to drink, speak with your vet. You may need to hydrate via syringe, or use a special drink for pets to add electrolytes and minerals to your pet's water.

Your pet is a valued member of your family, and your pet's orthopedic surgery is just as hard on you as it is on your pet. Use these tips to help ease the recovery process, and stay in close contact with your pet's veterinarian so any complications will be identified and treated as quickly as possible. For more information, contact establishments like Animal Clinic Of Billings.