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Finding An Excellent Veterinarian

After my sweet little dog became ill, I knew that I needed a really wonderful veterinarian to make things right. I started looking around for a doctor who really understood what we were up against, and I was pleased to find a provider who accepted my insurance and actively worked hard to improve her patients care. It was really incredible to feel the difference that her efforts made, and I wanted to write a blog all about the benefits of working with a great veterinarian. Check out this blog for great information that could help you to protect your pets.



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Relieving Your Cat's Arthritis Pain With Alternative Therapy Tactics

If you have an older cat that has been suffering from arthritis, it is likely that you want to do whatever possible to relieve their pain. The administering of medication may not be the best route as your cat may suffer from unwanted side effects. Using alternative therapy is a solution that will help keep your pet comfortable without the use medication. Here are some ideas you can try to help to keep your cat's arthritic pain at bay.

Keep Your Cat Active And Watch Their Weight

Many people believe that having arthritis means you need to rest the area of the body in pain. It is best, however, to keep the muscles active to reduce the inflammation that causes arthritic pain. Make sure your cat gets regular exercise by taking the time to play with it daily. Enticing your cat to follow a piece of string that you pull along the floor or purchasing a feather toy that will encourage your cat to chase it when you move it around in front of them will benefit their body. It is also important to keep an eye on your cat's weight to make sure they do not gain too much as this will hinder their exercising activities. Ask your veterinarian for the weight range your cat should maintain and discuss feeding options if the weight increases toward the higher number within this range.

Consider Acupuncture To Relieve Pain

A cat that suffers from pain may benefit from acupuncture treatments. A holistic veterinarian will make the cat comfortable with the use of essential oils, soft music, and dim lighting to help set the mood for relaxation. Needles will be inserted into the affected areas, helping to restore balance within your cat's body. The needles will be kept in place for several minutes while the veterinarian pets the cat to keep it relaxed. This type of treatment will involve future visits to aid in the counteracting of pain.

Add Heat To Your Pet's Daily Routine

The addition of heat to a portion of the body suffering from arthritis often helps to reduce swelling in this area as the circulatory system will be stimulated. Giving your pet the benefit in being able to heat trouble spots will help in keeping pain at a minimum. Invest in an electric blanket and set it on your couch or bed in a spot where your cat frequents. They will be likely to curl up on the blanket, receiving the benefit in heating areas affected by arthritis as a result. Do this during the evening to help encourage your cat to have a restful sleep themselves when it is time for you to go to bed for the night. Check it out for more help.